Tips for Finding an Awesome Apartment

I have become a professional at moving. In the past 5 years I have moved 6 times! It is exhausting but one part that I love is apartment hunting. It is so exciting to be deciding on a new home and picturing yourself somewhere new! First, you need to decide two things: Location – this […]

A Time of Opportunity

Right now, the leaders of the world are facing one of the toughest moral decisions ever, should they end quarantine to keep the economy from falling even further at the risk of a more wide-spread deadly infection?  Lives or Livelihood is the debate and I am so grateful not to be the one in the […]

3 Apps That Make Personal Finance Easy

The fundamentals of being financially responsible are pretty simple and straight-forward: Budget within your means Save anything extra Invest for the future There are 3 apps that have helped me successfully do these things without applying a ton of time or energy: Mint – Budget Within Your Means Mint is my favorite finance app. First, […]