Midwest Summer Road Trips

I am sharing great summer getaways for all my midwesterners today. A few of these bigger city getaways might be better to save for your 2021 bucket list when social distancing has settled down but many of them focus on outdoor activities that will still be possible with CoronaVirus restrictions.  The Lake of the Ozarks, […]

Tips for Visiting Catalina Island

Catalina Island is a neat escape off the coast of Southern California. The majority of the island’s population lives in the city of Avalon. Avalon feels as if you were dropped in a coastal city in Italy. The island is green and mountainous, there are tiny colorful homes built on the hillsides and sailboats dock […]

Things to do in Chicago

Chicago may just be the most magical place in the Midwest. Growing up, I lived 4 hours from Chicago and my family often took weekend trips to the city as our family vacations. Chicago is a great place to go with friends or with family but I highly recommend visiting during the summer. In the […]

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