3 Easy Ways to Improve your Mental Health

1. Regularly Make a List of Things you’re Thankful for. This doesn’t have to be a written down list. My advice is to hang a sign in your shower reminding you to think of 5 things you are grateful for that day. Our mind wanders in the shower anyways and this is a great time […]

Fun Baby Shower Games – Minute to Win it

Showering an expecting mother with all she needs to be prepared for her new baby’s arrival is a great joy. Planning the shower can be a lot of work and coming up with unique and fun games is always the most challenging task. I recently planned my sister’s baby shower, she is soon to have […]

The Science of Well-Being at Yale

Over the past few weeks I have been enrolled in a Yale Course for free through a platform called Coursera. It is a course taught by Laurie Santos who also taught Psychology and the Good Life, which became the most popular course at Yale. As a person who studied mostly math, economics and business topics […]

Tips for Finding an Awesome Apartment

I have become a professional at moving. In the past 5 years I have moved 6 times! It is exhausting but one part that I love is apartment hunting. It is so exciting to be deciding on a new home and picturing yourself somewhere new! First, you need to decide two things: Location – this […]

A Time of Opportunity

Right now, the leaders of the world are facing one of the toughest moral decisions ever, should they end quarantine to keep the economy from falling even further at the risk of a more wide-spread deadly infection?  Lives or Livelihood is the debate and I am so grateful not to be the one in the […]

How to Avoid Killing Your Significant Other During Quarantine

We are well into week 3 of quarantine and America is being tested. What will follow this period, a baby boom or a spike in the divorce rate? Maybe both. Austin and I live in a 700 square foot apartment which has been in a constant state of pandemonium for the past 3 weeks. Right […]

Things to do while Quarantined for Coronavirus

Well, the world is quarantined to their homes and the scariest part is not knowing how long it will last. I will be the first to admit I have already watched multiple Netflix movies and spent hours scrolling my phone but today I decided that I want to use this quarantine as an opportunity to […]

The 10 Responsibilities of being a Maid of Honor

Help the Bride Find the Perfect Gown This is my favorite part of being a maid of honor so I think it is the best place to start this list of responsibilities! You should tag along for as many of the dress shopping appointments as you can. Take photos of the front and the back […]

3 Apps That Make Personal Finance Easy

The fundamentals of being financially responsible are pretty simple and straight-forward: Budget within your means Save anything extra Invest for the future There are 3 apps that have helped me successfully do these things without applying a ton of time or energy: Mint – Budget Within Your Means Mint is my favorite finance app. First, […]

6 Steps to Feeling at Home in a New City

In the past 5 years I have moved to 6 new cities. This has allowed me to explore so much of the country but I constantly feel like I am starting over and having to make a new place feel like home. After 6 tries, I finally think I am getting this process down to […]

3 Things Every Woman Wants on Valentine’s Day

Flowers – don’t spend a stupid amount of money on the flashy flower bouquet because really, we only care that you remembered to get flowers to show you love us, save your money for the rest of the day. Also, every man should send their mother flowers on Valentine’s Day, she was the first woman […]

The Worst Possible Purchase in your Twenty-Somethings

Picture this: You’ve just graduated and you’re completely used to seeing $27 as the balance in your bank account but finally, after working endless hours at your new job you have enough saved up to feel comfortable. So what do you need? A new car. I see my friends posting on social media all the […]

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