Things to do while Quarantined for Coronavirus

Well, the world is quarantined to their homes and the scariest part is not knowing how long it will last. I will be the first to admit I have already watched multiple Netflix movies and spent hours scrolling my phone but today I decided that I want to use this quarantine as an opportunity to get ahead and be productive, so I started to brainstorm how I could best utilize this time. Here is my list:

  1. Try some new online workouts. Check out this article titled “These fitness studios are live-streaming workout classes for free during the coronavirus outbreak”. I think I am going to try the Orange Theory class tonight!
  2. Read a new book. If you have not tried Audible by Amazon you can sign up for their 1-month free trial and you get 1 audiobook for free. I think I am going to stick to the hard covers during this time to give my brian a refresh, I plan to start the book Shoe Dog by Phil Knight the founder of Nike.
  3. Mail Hand Written Notes. Take a few minutes each day to write a card to an old friend, people will enjoy getting mail during this time of social isolation. I always try to go above and beyond to remind my friends that I am thinking about them.
  4. File your taxes. It is tax season and if you’re like me, you procrastinate filing your taxes until the last possible weekend. Knock this out while there is nothing else to do and get your tax return cash a few weeks earlier.
  5. Call your Extended Family. I called my grandma yesterday, she told me she wasn’t scared of running out of toilet paper because growing up, they had to wipe with newspaper anyways! Haha! She was very happy I called and I think tomorrow, I will see if she can figure out how to facetime on her iPad.
  6. Dive into the Spring Cleaning. – It is technically the time of year for spring cleaning and the easiest place to start is always my closet. Sorting through which clothes I wear often and which could be donated is an easy way to declutter.
  7. Collect Some New Recipes. – Research new recipes you’d like to cook for you and your family. Maybe you’d like to eat more healthy, shop more economically, or be better at meal prepping over the weekend. Add some new recipes to your archives for after the chaos.
  8. Work on a Side Project. – For me, one of my side projects is blogging, I will utilize this extra time at home to brainstorm new blog topics, outline some future posts, and share some of my old posts on online forums to drive more visitors to my blog. Maybe starting a blog isn’t your passion project but there are a lot of other projects you could work on that are good outlets for creativity or future possible sources of income. You could record a new course to be shared on Udemy, record a podcast, pick up some freelance side projects, build a few crafts you could sell.
  9. Reconnect and Expand your Network. – Reach out to old colleagues, build your connections on LinkedIn, ask people how their businesses are doing in navigating these unknown waters. Now more than ever, you will want to have a tight professional network. Maybe you will find some people you can help weather the storm, maybe someone you reach out to will be able to help you down the road.
  10. Self-Reflect and Goal Set. – New Years is the time where most people self-reflect and set goals. Now that 3-months has passed since New Year’s we have probably all forgotten our original resolutions. Now would be a perfect time to set new ones. It is also a good time to open up a journal and reflect on what is important to you in life. Redefine your values and recenter your focus.
  11. Plan your Next Trip. – Although I wouldn’t recommend booking anything just yet, we all see the flight prices falling daily. There should be some cheap trips you can scoop up after all this madness passes. Start your vacation planning now so you can capitalize on these discounts once you feel comfortable booking travel again. Planning this far in advance will also allow you to start saving for the trip!
  12. Learn Something New. – I haven’t told Austin yet but I think I may force him to have a date night where we take a YouTube dance lesson together. There isn’t much else we can do for date nights so I think I might win this one and we will be learning to salsa in no time!
  13. Lend a Hand. – Sometimes it is hard to know how to help during a time of social isolation but if you are completely healthy, and you have any elderly neighbors, offer to get groceries for them. You could also offer to babysit for close family/friends so they can enjoy a moment of peace and quiet. 

Well, that is 13 items, that is about 2 weeks worth of quarantine activities. Let’s all pray this doesn’t last longer than 2 weeks or I will need to write a new list of things to do! Feel free to comment if you have additional ideas you’d like to share.

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