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Quarantine Gift Ideas for Her

Is there anything more heartwarming than getting a package in the mail from someone you love?

Gift giving solves 2 of the world’s biggest problems right now:

  1. Helps people feel connected and loved during isolation
  2. Keeps the economy stimulated

Additionally, my mom’s birthday happened over quarantine and Mother’s Day is just around the corner. It is not easy to celebrate someone when the world is completely shut down and you are isolated from seeing them so here are a few awesome quarantine gift ideas.

The Comfy $40

This is what I sent my mom for her birthday and she has loved it. She is using it for all of her movie nights. It also has some of the best amazon reviews that I have ever seen!

Fun New Slippers $18

These make me feel like a princess! I have had mine for about 6 months, I wear them every single day and they have held up very well for $18 slippers. I love them so much that I will just buy the same pair again when they get worn out.

A New Candle $30

These Candles are my absolute favorite! My sister swears it is the best candle she has ever had in her life, we are both candle obsessed. You may have seen them before at Anthropology or Alatr’d State stores. They are big jar candles that last a long time.

Bath Bombs $27

I am the most pleasant version of myself right after a bath with a half of a bottle of wine. Too bad not too many people get to meet that version of me, haha! But this gift certainly makes any woman happy (unless they do not have a bath tub in their apartment).

Pedicure Kit (with polish $26)

This foot skin refresher linked above along with a new OPI nail polish ($11) is something I would love to get right now. It feels like my next manicure/pedicure are MONTHS away!

New Pajama Set $20

These pajamas from Target are my favorite! They are the softest, stretchiest fabric and I would love to wear them all day! I always suggest getting a size up when getting pajamas as a gift.

New Yoga Mat Set $30

With all of the fitness classes that have transitioned to free online sessions, I wish I had this equipment at home.

Wine $40

The gift set I selected is $40, the people I love don’t discriminate when it comes to wine and so I would pick this California Dreaming package. There are a lot of other gift sets if you have a more selective audience. I read an article by MarketWatch that said online alcohol sales have jumped 243% since the coronavirus outbreak began.

A New Game $15

I linked CodeNames for this post as it has become a family favorite of ours. It does require up to 4 players. Other popular games we love are Exploding Kittens (can be played with 2 players), Secret Hitler, or What Do You Meme (I recommend an 18+ crowd). I also think outdoor yard games like Ladder Toss and Giant Jenga are going to be a hit this year.

OXO Good Grips Salad Chopper and Bowl $20

We have all been eating at home more often, so I thought I would add this gift to the list. I got my mom this bowl for Christmas and she has called me multiple times to tell me how much she loves it! I think it would be a great idea to pair this gift with a new recipe book.

Gardening Tool Kit $37

You best believe the landscaping game is going to be ON POINT this year. Everyone is looking for an excuse to get outside. Even pulling weeds sounds like decent entertainment to mom’s right now. I think this gardening set would be a great gift you you could make it into a full day activity with mom helping her pot her plants for summer.


I think flowers will go an extra long way this year with how much time we are spending at home. My sister sent my mom a boutique that incorporated 2 rolls of toilet paper into its beauty! My mom laughed and loved the gesture!

I hope this post helps generate a few ideas of something great you can send to a loved one during this time.

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