How to Avoid Killing Your Significant Other During Quarantine

We are well into week 3 of quarantine and America is being tested. What will follow this period, a baby boom or a spike in the divorce rate? Maybe both.

Austin and I live in a 700 square foot apartment which has been in a constant state of pandemonium for the past 3 weeks. Right when I pick things up, shit is right back all over the place. Our patience is being tested, Austin has to listen to every zoom meeting I have for work and I have to listen to every stupid Youtube video he plays throughout the day.

Here are a few tips that have kept tensions low during this time stuck at home.

  1. Random Dance Parties – Yes we actually do this, play a song we both love and get up and do some stupid dance moves. Nothing you could be working on could possibly collapse in the 2 minutes it takes to have a dance party right?
  2. Bubble Baths – Not just any bubble bath though, if Austin sees me getting stressed he will draw me a bubble bath, light some candles and let me have 20 minutes alone to unwind in the tub and vice versa. A bubble bath is even sweeter when someone else got it ready for you, a glass of wine in my hand and this is the closest thing I can get to a vacation right now.
  3. Take Turns Leaving the House – Don’t worry, we are participating in social distancing but we will go on walks or bike rides separately. Yes, my walk is enjoyable but my 30-minutes at home alone while Austin is gone on his bike ride is the actual escape. I didn’t realize how much I appreciated time alone until this pandemic.
  4. Be Quick to Forgive – Snapping in this quarantine is bound to happen. Our patience is all being tested so when your significant other snaps at you, try to not take it personally and be quick to forgive them for their outburst. 
  5. Shower with Compliments – I have put on makeup once in the past 3 weeks. Austin’s hair is so long he has trimmed parts of it himself this week, the point is we all are not looking or feeling our best right now so boosting each other’s confidence and self-esteem with extra compliments can go a long ways.
  6. Express your Gratitude – Say thank you as much as possible, even if it is simply for making the bed or taking out the trash or going to get the mail.
  7. Try Something New Together – I know you may be thinking “What new thing can we try together when we are stuck at home?” Take a 30-minute class online that neither of you have tried before, Karate, Salsa Dancing, Spanish, something weird and new. It’ll make you feel like kids together and can really lighten the mood.
  8. Care About Your Significant Other’s Work – Ask them about the projects they are working on and ACTIVELY LISTEN. In the morning, ask what meetings they have that day and what they are stressed about getting done. We used to have coworkers to talk to, now we have to play the role of coworker and significant other.
  9. Be Goofy and Playful – I don’t know if it is Goofy or Delirious but Austin and I have become similar to Michael Scott and Holly in The Office in a way that we kind of speak our own language and live in our own make-believe world at times. Yesterday we had a Krabby Patty Flipping contest, using spatulas we competed for who could do the coolest tricks. There were no patties involved.
  10. Leave Sweet Notes Around the House – Little Stickies with jokes or sweet notes are perfect for getting the day off to a good start.
  11. Participate in Random Acts of Kindness Together – Everyone is more attractive when they are doing good and helping the world. Plan an act of kindness you want to do together. Today, we tipped the sandwich shop workers on the corner extra. It just makes you feel grateful for what you have.

I hope this post helps lighten the mood in your homes right now! Remember, if your relationship can survive this you are freaking strong! Comment if you have some tips of your own to share, I would love to try them out!

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