3 Things Every Woman Wants on Valentine’s Day

  • Flowers – don’t spend a stupid amount of money on the flashy flower bouquet because really, we only care that you remembered to get flowers to show you love us, save your money for the rest of the day. Also, every man should send their mother flowers on Valentine’s Day, she was the first woman to love you. It is smart to give the flowers early in the day, that means right at the start of my day, I know its going to be a good Valentine’s day and I will be in a good mood all day long.
  • A Date – The most important thing you can give a woman on Valentine’s Day is your attention. Schedule a date with her in advance. If you have to work on this holiday, you should put in extra effort to make this day special for your lady because we really want to spend the whole day with you. Here are some ideas of fun Valentine’s dates:
    1. Go see a show – a play, concert, comedy show, or movie are all fun options. Austin and I are going to see a comedian live from a TV show we both loved!
    2. Dinner – You can never go wrong with a fancy dinner out but what I think every woman would like even more would be to come home to a clean house, dinner in the oven and her favorite person dressed nicely opening a bottle of wine for a romantic night at home.
    3. Rent bikes and tour around a new area and grab a dessert.
    4. Do something adventurous like a sunset cruise or go night skiing.
    5. Take a cooking class or a dance class.
    6. A couple’s spa treatment
  • Something Sentimental – You may not have a romantic bone in your body but every girl wants something sentimental on Valentine’s Day. One year I unwrapped a book that we filled out together of our favorite memories together and the things we love about one-another. It was unforgettable! Maybe your sentimental item is a homemade car with an extra sweet note, a framed photo of a memory you cherish, or a poem or song you wrote. Maybe you go outside and carve your initials in a tree. CHEESY IS GOOD ON VALENTINE’S DAY!

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