Fun Baby Shower Games – Minute to Win it

Showering an expecting mother with all she needs to be prepared for her new baby’s arrival is a great joy. Planning the shower can be a lot of work and coming up with unique and fun games is always the most challenging task. I recently planned my sister’s baby shower, she is soon to have a little baby boy! We decided to make the games minute-to-win-it style and it was a real hit! I will be sharing the 4 games we played below.

Before I start on the games I wanted to mention the steps we took to make the baby shower more COVID friendly, the expecting mother was especially nervous about the safety of herself and the guests. We made separated bags of chex mix sitting on the tables prior to the food being served. Guests went through a line to get their food but we made dishes that were easy to grab. Slider sandwiches, cheesy potatoes that we pre-portioned in dishes, fruit on skewers, and cupcakes. 

Nothing in the line required serving spoons and the guests were able to move through quickly. We put hand sanitizer on every table. We also asked the guests to wear masks when they were not eating and everyone felt comfortable with that because we had a few guests over the age of 80.

Game 1: Diaper Pong

Each team steps up to the table and has 1 minute to bounce ping pong balls into the diapers to collect points. Then rotate and the team with the highest points is the winner of this game. What you will need: 2 poster boards or 1 tri fold board, wrapping paper, prong pins, ping pong balls (We bought 12), diapers, and points labels

Game 2: Baby Rattle

In this game two teams face off the shake as many gumballs through the rattle as they can in one minute. The host announces the time on the clock in 15 second increments so the team can pass the bottle to their next team member and take a rest. At the end of one minute the two teams set down the bottle to see who has shaken more gumballs through. You can also extend this game past a minute and have the two teams race to move all the gumballs through the rattle. Here is a YouTube video where they race to get all gumballs through the rattle. What you will need: 4 empty two liter bottles, a bag of small gumballs, duck tape. 

Game 4: Snot Bottle

The name may not sound very appealing but this game is a crowd pleaser. Each team nominates two players who race to pick up marshmallows and move them into a baby bottle with just a snot sucker. They have 1 minute to see how many marshmallows they can suck up and drop into the bottle. At the end of 1 minute count how many marshmallows were moved into the bottle and pass the snot suckers onto the next team. The team with the most marshmallows in the bottle is the ultimate winner. What you will need: 2 snot suckers, 1 baby bottle, marshmallows.

Game 3: Diaper Blowout

To play this game you need a couple of diapers and baby onesies. Each team has 3 minutes in this game to change the bear as many times as possible out of their dirty diaper and onesie and into a new one. What you will need: 1 Teddy bear or baby doll, at least 2 diapers and 2 onesies.

Finally, I was able to put a fun twist on the games by coming up with funny team names such as team “Lactating Nipples” or team “Stretch Marks”. The guests found their team on a board I set on our welcome table.

We had 5 teams and 4 minute-to-win-it games which gave us about 40 minutes of game time once you include time to explain the games and rotate the teams through the games. We also had small prize bags for the winning team that included chapstick, a pack of gum and a bath bomb.

Lastly, I wanted to share our party invitations. I purchased them through a site called Zazzle. It was so easy to customize their cards and they often run promotions making the invitations very cost friendly. 

Good luck with your shower planning! Please message me if you have any questions about building these games for your upcoming party. Thank you for reading!

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