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Why HelloFresh is Game Changing

I have always enjoyed cooking, but HelloFresh has made dinner so exciting!

When I was little my mom owned her own business, I would get off the school bus in 3rd grade with my 6-year-old brother around 3:30 PM but mom wouldn’t get home till about 6 PM. This is how I first learned to cook. I wanted to have dinner ready when mom got home, it always made her so happy even if I had simply made buttered-noodles and chicken nuggets.

Fast forward about 15 years and I still love to cook. On Sundays I would meal-plan for the whole week and order my groceries online. This worked for a while but I seemed to cycle through the same recipes and got burnt out on taking an hour to plan each week.

Then my sister sent me a free week of HelloFresh and I was HOOKED. I get to pick the meals on my phone a few weeks in advance from their menu and it is SO FUN. Austin and I love picking them out. They ship right to your house in insulated boxes with ice packs in them. The ingredients are the exact amount you need to cook with and no more so I don’t find myself wasting food and throwing away groceries. 

HelloFresh makes cooking so much fun because every night is a new experiment. We now love eating at home just as much as we love eating out. The portions are generous and I am a heavy eater. The meals fill me up but they don’t stuff me. The prep time and clean up time are so much less than it used to be when I would make full meals on my own.

The meals come in these organized bags and it keeps our fridge SO clean!

Below, I have listed a few of our favorite meals we have tried, HelloFresh cycles a few favorites back into their menus so you may have the opportunity to select them again in the future!

  • Sizzlin Saigon Steak Bowls
  • Diced Pork Carnitas Tacos
  • Penne Rustica with a Kick
  • Creamy Cheddar Cheeseburgers with Roasted Potatoes
  • Saucy Pork & Penne Casserole

The only meal we have not enjoyed was the Apricot Chicken Legs, I would avoid the bone-in options they just are not as easy to prepare. Typically with HelloFresh the meat is so simple to prep but not in the Chicken Legs recipe.

I hope you give HelloFresh a chance but don’t do it without a discount code for a free week! It is worth the money at regular price but why miss out on a deal 🙂

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