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Mel’s Introduction Letter

Hello There, 

My name is Melanie. I am 23 years old and I am a Financial Analyst at a software startup in Irvine, California. Originally from Iowa, I have lived in many cities compared to most of my friends. In a quick recap: I graduated from Kansas State University with a Finance degree and a minor in event planning. During school, I lived in Tulsa, Virginia Beach, and Barcelona for short periods of time. After graduation, I moved to Austin, TX for about 6 months before my company relocated me to our Irvine office.

I have always enjoyed writing. It is a way I can exercise my creativity without involving any art (because there is not an artistic bone in my body). It is sort of a form of therapy for me. I am a high-energy human, I always have to be doing something and I am very adventurous. My boyfriend Austin and I are always finding new things to do. Last weekend, we went surfing and this weekend we are going snowboarding. The following weekend we are attending an improv comedy show and doing an 8 hour bar crawl. 

My goal for this blog is to create content that helps other people explore new things. Whether that be new cities through traveling, new personal finance practices, new hobbies, or new recipes. I hope you will be exposed to something new through my blog. I also hope that this blog becomes a passion project between my friends and I. 

I chose the name “Hey, Soul Sisters” because I want to invite my closest friends to co-write this blog with me. Living far away from my people, I tend to lose track of some of my closest friend’s passions and experiences. By sharing this blog with them I hope to continue to be connected to these women that I call my soul sisters. I know that you will love them through their stories and writing as much as I do!

Lastly, I’d like to thank you for reading anything I write. When I started this blog, I told myself that even if no one reads it, I know that running this blog will make me a better version of myself. If readers come, well then that is just an awesome additional bonus. So thank you for being here, you’ve made my day! Please leave your comments on any of my posts, I love reading them!

Much Love,


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