Books for the Netflix Junkie

If “Are you still watching?” is a question your TV keeps asking you, it might be time to pick up a book. Here are some of my favorite suggestions for you.

If you liked You … you need to read The Wife Upstairs.

Creepy lovers. Psychological thrillers. You don’t know anyone until the very last page/scene, but even then… you don’t really know anyone. They are both extreme. Toxic characters. Delusional minds.

Both are BINGE worthy. I finished the first season in two days. I finished this book in two sittings.

Be ready to question everything with this pair.

If you liked Virgin River… you need to read The Simple Wild.

A big city girl ends up in a small, remote town. It turns out that the neither of these towns are what they quite expected.

You watch both characters fall in love with a guy and themselves. Both had me feeling all the love in the air.

If you liked Vampire Diaries… you need to read Layla.

Supernatural and Paranormal. Both full of intense love and feelings.

Does having feelings for something not human make them any less valid? Both of these are ones you can’t put down or turn off because of the need to learn about the world outside of our human existence.

If you liked A Million Little Things… you need to read Modern Lovers.

Tight-knit friends figure out what it means to be adults and how hard it can really be. It’s the shock of middle-age. Finding passions. Dealing with the hard stuff.

You watch kids grow up, while the adults are still finding their ways. Both of these stories have really awesome commentary on what it means to be a friend and apart of a family as you grow older.

Let me know if you check any of these out, I can’t wait to hear about them!

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  1. Hahaha! Love this so much! Perfect pandemic blog …. thanks Baylee for some more books to add to my “want to read”…!!!


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