Find Your Next Great Read!

Picking a new book is like picking a new Netflix movie, sometimes I search for so long that I give up. It is even more pressure if you have to propose a book to a book club. So I hope this blog helps you make an easy choice of your next book on your reading list!

A book you won’t put down and will stay up all night to finish:

Verity by Colleen Hoover

My favorite read of the month! A struggling Author is offered a book deal of a lifetime after a very peculiar day of work. She decides the best way to inspire her writing is to move in with a strange new family. One problem – she develops a crush on the husband! 

Every page of Verity had me captivated and I never predicted what would happen in the final chapter. I think I said “Oh my gosh!” out loud 100 times while reading this book.  This will be a book you stay up to binge read late into the night.

I can’t write much about this book without giving away details but gosh Colleen Hoover is a freaky genius!

Plus – I just heard that Colleen Hoover released a new version of this book with an extra chapter, I am now dying to read the juice that is in those extra pages! 

If you want something Lighthearted and great for reading at the beach:

People We Meet On Vacation by Emily Henry

Highly recommend this lighthearted read! An unorthodox pair of friends, Poppy and Alex, agree to take an annual trip together. Despite only seeing each other once a year, they remain best friends. Until one year, things go very wrong. The book tells the story of their past adventures and current challenge of resolving their now very awkward life-long friendship which gets even more challenging as they both now have significant-others.

This book is somewhat cheesy and predictable but I smiled as I read the pages and you really fall in love the characters. My only complaint is the book jumps forward and backwards in time which is sometimes frustrating. 

I like books where I can picture myself as friends with the characters and that was the case for me with People We Meet On Vacation! 

If you want something Quirky and Meaningful, a great women’s book club book:

Lessons in Chemistry: A Novel by Bonnie Garmus

This book made me feel extremely grateful for the opportunities I have as a female in today’s society. Set in the 1960’s, Elizabeth defies every cultural norm and gender stereotype. She’s a female scientist who is constantly working twice as hard to go half the distance of her male counterparts. Throw in a complicated love story and a genius lovable dog and this book has so many great discussion points for a book club. Lucky for Elizabeth, she gains some great friends as allies along her unconventional career and life. Friendships that make a reader laugh and smile throughout this novel.

This is a book that reminds you to be yourself and that you can do anything you set your mind to. 

My only complaint is the book has a slow part about a quarter of the way in. Fight through because the second half of this book will have you laughing out loud and totally invested in Elizabeth’s success! 

Something dark and f***ed up! 

Where the Truth Lies by Anna Bailey

If a dark murder mystery is your forte, this one’s for you. A teenage girl from a troubled family goes missing in a small town in Colorado called Whistling Ridge. Whistling Ridge is an eerie community that has a lot of bias, corrupt religious leaders, and outdated opinions. 

This book had a lot of abuse in it which I really hate reading, I pushed through it because I really wanted to find out what happened to Abigail and if she was still alive or how she died. The ending was certainly gasp-worthy! If you don’t like reading books with vivid abuse scenes, I would avoid this one.

My favorite part about this book was the depiction of the scenery. I felt like I could build a really clear picture of the town, homes, churches woods, and diners in this town.

I would not describe this as a feel-good book but if you love the dark drama, you would like this read! 

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