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Favorite Affordable New Apartment Purchases

I move a lot. About every 6-12 months I find myself moving into another 700 square foot apartment. What this means for me is that I can’t have super nice things (I also can’t afford nice things so this works out well). Additionally, I was recently reminded that material items do not make us happy in life, experiences do so saving our money where we can on furniture is always a good choice. For these reasons, I continue to pick items on the lower end of the cost scale but some have become incredibly functional for us in our small spaces and I am going to share them here:

Target Lamps ($59)

These lamps double as an end table for me on both sides of our sectional. It was great to not have to buy a full living room set of end tables. Also, no matter how many times we forget to use coasters, I haven’t noticed any cup circles on the shelves of these bad boys. They give our living room a nice calm lighting which is great because most apartments I have lived in don’t have the best lighting.

Target Collapsible Dish Tub and Dish Drainer ($11/$19)

So many things have to go under my kitchen sink there was no way I was fitting a full dish tub and drying rack under there and I hate leaving those things sitting on my counter all the time. A friend told me about these collapsable options that she and I quickly came to love them! They dry out easily and then go back under the sink where together they take up ½ the space of a usual dish pan. 

Wayfair TV Stand ($158)

This TV stand looks wayyy more expensive than it actually is. It is the perfect size for our 52 inch living room TV and really pulls the room together. I loved this piece whether it’s on dark wood floors or light wood floors, it just looks great! Also, Wayfair is so awesome that when our original stand arrived with a chip in it, they immediately sent us a replacement part with no questions asked.

Amazon (IKEA) Towel Rack with Hooks ($29)

This towel bar is amazing. I think someday I will have one hung on every wall of every bathroom in my house. One towel bar is not enough for me because I use two towels and then there are Austin’s towels and what about when guests come!? There were wet towels EVERYWHERE when I had my first set of guests over. Now when guests come I label the hooks so everyone knows where to hang their towels. If you leave the fabric tags on your towels they dangle nicely from these hooks and dry quickly. I recommend hanging this higher on your wall, about at the height of your head.

IKEA Dresser ($179):

For all the DIYers out there, this dresser is a solid purchase. It isn’t pretty, you have to finish it yourself and make it your own but that is what I absolutely love about it. I replaced the legs and knobs on my dresser, stained the drawers and painted the base and top. Dressers are not cheap but this thing is going to last us years and I smile every time I look at it because I made that thing and I am not artsy. I will share my dresser makeover in a separate post soon but if you need some inspiration, there are tons of TARVA dresser makeover posts on Pinterest.

Amazon Clevermade SnapBaskets Laundry Totes ($20)

I have now been collecting thesis totes for 4 years and I think I have 5 or 6 of them and they have never ever broken. They are awesome for laundry and moving bins. Their shorter sizes are great for picnics and beach days. They snap flat for easy storage in a closet or garage. They are also great for storing away your off-season clothes for more room in your closet. I love these things!

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