August Book Review – Women Empowerment Reads

You may not know, but August 26th is National Women’s Equality Day which celebrates the passing of the 19th Amendment (the one where Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and their crew of badass women won our right to vote as females). Perfect timing for this holiday as I just wrapped up my 3rd book written to empower women to establish more equality in the business world. I am excited to share my thoughts on each of the books below and hope it encourages you to read the one that sounds like it would have the largest impact on you today.

Own It by Sallie Krawcheck

Own it by Sallie Krawchek was my absolute favorite read of this month. Sallie’s was known as one of the most powerful women on Wall Street before she started her own company, Ellevest, an investing platform tailored to women. Her deep knowledge of finance and entrepreneurship shine through her stories. Not to mention that Wall Street is incredibly male-dominated so she has overcome her fair share of ridiculous inappropriate workplace behaviors. She uses a huge amount of data-backed statistics in her book which leave you baffled throughout the entire book. For example, I learned that studies show a 63% better investment performance from companies with a female founder, however, companies with female founders still only receive 7% of venture capital dollars. Wow. 

My favorite thing about Sallie’s book is that it is written for women who already feel confident in their abilities but are seeking out more power in the workplace. She points out strengths that are specific to women and how we can use them to create a more equal opportunity world. She also shows us ways to pay it forward for the next generation of women who will succeed us in our workplaces.

Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis

Girl, Stop Apologizing came highly recommended by many friends because I am in the process of starting my own business. Rachel Hollis is a great motivational speaker and writer. This book is perfect for someone who is lacking the motivation to take a leap in their careers or in their health. It is also great for someone battling shame for prioritizing themselves and their own dreams over what others think is right for you. This book was a fun read to me but I didn’t find it very relatable because I don’t feel shame for chasing my own dreams, I am actually proud of it. I also don’t have a husband or children that I need to take into consideration when making large changes in my life. It is perfect for a mom who is looking to pick up her torch and march fearlessly towards her professional dreams that she’s been hesitant to commit to for years.

After reading it, I did feel motivated to clean up some sloppy habits such as my shortage of water intake and waking up feeling behind in the mornings. I also felt more willing to encourage and support other female entrepreneurs who might be facing the challenges addressed in this book. Girl, Stop Apologizing was an easy read and I don’t regret picking it out so I could at least know what all the hype is about. 

#GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso 

So what is really funny about #GirlBoss is that right after I finished reading it, I moved onto Girl, Stop Apologizing where Rachel Hollis chastised women for using terms like “Girlboss” because it calls out our difference when we are trying to be treated the same as men. I don’t necessarily agree with Rachel Hollis on that point and #GirlBoss’s branding had exploded so much that I was excited to read it. 

Unfortunately, I did not love the book and I felt like most of the lessons it included were things that came as common sense to me after attending business school. I do think that Sophia Amoruso is pretty awesome though because she has remained true to herself through all of her endeavors. I strive to know myself and be as true to my individuality as Sophia is. If you can’t see that through her book, you can certainly see it through the Netflix series Girlboss which is the story of how she launched her first company NastyGal into a major success with absolutely no business experience.

I would recommend this book to creatives who do not have a business background. Otherwise, you likely won’t enjoy #Girlboss but I would still recommend following Sophia Amoruso on LinkedIn and potentially watching Girlboss on Netflix on your Friday night.

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