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Hello my name is Melanie and I am a pajamaholic. COVID-19 has only enhanced my ability to live in pajamas for the majority of the week. I have more pairs of pajamas than there are days in the week. So I am here to share the wealth and spread the joy. Below are my favorite sleep essentials:

Soma Pajamas – Colder Months – $75 full Set

So a full-set of these pajamas is typically around $75 like the ones I have linked here. This is wayyy out of my pajama budget so my tip for you is to go into the store when the seasons change and they typically have large sale racks. Find the softest pair of jammies you can find and snatch those babies up! I typically find them out 50% off on the sale rack. I have ones that say “Cheers to the New Year” that I bought on January 3rd and those babies were a BARGAIN! I love the ones that have lace along the ankles. I think the lace makes my jammies look a little feminine and not so grandma-style.

Target Summer Pajama Sets – Summer Months – $22 Full Set

Target has awesome pajama sets that are super cute and extremely comfy for the summer months and very cost-friendly. I haven’t tried their full-length version of these pajamas but I plan to this year and will update my post. So far I have never had a long pair of pajamas beat the Soma ones so Target has some tough competition.

Sleep mask (Amazon $10 for 3)

These masks are so soft! The strap is adjustable so it can’t be too tight or loose for your head. The best part is the way the mask lifts up around your eyes. I typically cannot sleep in eye masks but with this bubble around my eyelid, it gives my eyes a little breathing room and I sleep like a baby.

Fuzzy Slippers – $20 on Amazon

I love these slippers and will re-buy these slippers the minute mine wear out because this product is awesome. They are incredibly soft and the fur doesn’t get beaded up or worn down (I have had my pair for a whole year). The bottom of the slipper has a slightly more firm texture so you feel like you can even slip them on for a morning car ride to Starbucks or to take the trash out/grab the mail. They don’t cause you to slip across the floor. These slippers keep my feet warm enough without causing them to overheat or sweat. The best part is they are so cute!

Olay Regenerist Face Lotion – $49 for 2 on Amazon

I have a great mom who started investing in keeping my skin young when I was about 16 years old. For 8 years now I have been regularly using this product and I still love it! If you have a Sam’s Club or Costco membership, you can sometimes find this product for $5-10 cheaper than it is listed here on Amazon. This lotion helps me go to sleep with my skin feeling hydrated. I know that I am investing in long-term skincare results without spending hundreds of dollars on products. One jar lasts me about 2-3 months.

Pillows – $40 for 2 on Amazon

I am not sure that I have ever seen a product with 33,000 reviews on Amazon. My old pillows were horrible so I recently upgraded to the Beckham Pillows and they are awesome! They stay cool. They are plush but the mold to your head when you lay down instead of staying stiff. These pillows have seriously upgraded the quality of my sleep.

Best Bedtime Undies – $14 for 6 on Amazon

I cannot fall asleep with my undies riding up my rear. Maybe that is too much information but you’ve made it almost to the bottom of this post so if I lose you now, oh well. I have talked to women with multiple body types and we all love these undies! They are an amazon essentials product and they feel so great that I love to sleep in them! You should really give these underwear a chance, they are a great price for the value!

I hope that you give some of these great items a chance to change the quality of your sleep! Bedtime products are a form of self-care for me. It is important to help your body get comfortable sleep and I would be happy if my post helps you achieve this in any way!

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