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Find Your Next Great Read!

Picking a new book is like picking a new Netflix movie, sometimes I search for so long that I give up. It is even more pressure if you have to propose a book to a book club. So I hope this blog helps you make an easy choice of your next book on your reading […]

Recipe: Bruschetta Chicken Dinner

I am very excited about this new healthy, easy and delicious meal! The best part is it makes awesome leftover salads for lunch the next day. If you are a bruschetta fan, this one’s for you! Ingredients you will need (Serves 2): Step 1: Preheat your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Wash and Dry all […]

3 Easy Ways to Improve your Mental Health

1. Regularly Make a List of Things you’re Thankful for. This doesn’t have to be a written down list. My advice is to hang a sign in your shower reminding you to think of 5 things you are grateful for that day. Our mind wanders in the shower anyways and this is a great time […]

Books for the Netflix Junkie

If “Are you still watching?” is a question your TV keeps asking you, it might be time to pick up a book. Here are some of my favorite suggestions for you. If you liked You … you need to read The Wife Upstairs. Creepy lovers. Psychological thrillers. You don’t know anyone until the very last […]

Fun Games To Play With Friends and Family

I had a group of friends visit this weekend and while we were gathered around the sofa to play a game one of my close friends pointed out how many board games my family plays. She was absolutely right. One of my family’s favorite activities together was to play a fun board game. Let me […]

Mini Pumpkin Muffin Recipe

This recipe may be a fan favorite for the fall but I am 100% addicted to pumpkin muffins and enjoy them all year around. They are easy to grab for breakfast on your way out the door. I used to pack a bag of 3 mini muffins in my backpack as a snack throughout the […]

Cowboy Caviar Recipe – Party Appetizer

The name of this dish scared me away from it for many years but I am officially hooked on Cowboy Caviar (don’t worry there are no fish involved in this recipe)! The dish is easy to make, but you should prepare it 1 day in advance if you plan to bring it to a party […]

Books to read if… you just love love.

There are two types of reactions one might have when you bring up Valentine’s Day. If you are an eye-rolling, big-sigh, “blech” person, this might not be the post for you. BUT, if you’re a fellow heart-eyes, “awwwww”, hopeless romantic, WELCOME. While I would call myself hopeless romantic, these novels don’t usually fill my shelves, […]

Christmas Gift List for Men

Gifts Under $20 Sphere Ice Mold for Whiskey ($10) Dad Jokes Box Calendar for Desk ($13) What Happened in History Box Calendar ($13) CodeNames Strategy Game ($15) Carhartt Winter Gloves ($20) Beer Chiller Sticks ($20) Gifts Under $40 Memory Foam House Slippers ($22) Comfortable Bike Seat ($22) Noise Cancelling Gaming Headset ($27) Yeti 30 Oz […]

Baylee’s Introduction Letter

I’m Baylee, and I live in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. My day job is teaching high school English, but at night, I’m an avid Pinterester, reader, and overbearing dog mom. My dog, Casey, a Bernese Mountain Dog, was rescued over a year ago and has completely taken over my days and bed. I grew up in […]

Amazon Christmas Gifts for Women

Gifts Under $20 Makeup Brush Set ($9)  Women’s Beanie ($11)  Bath Bombs Fun Shapes ($13) Multilayer Necklace ($15) Facial Mask Variety Pack ($15) Inflatable Travel Pillow ($16) Bluelight Glasses 3-Pack ($17) Cross Slippers ($18) Daily Quote Card Deck ($18)  Panini Maker ($18) Gifts Under $30 Electric Wine Bottle Opener ($20) Makeup Eraser WashCloth ($20)  Lightweight […]

5-Minute Delicious Asian Salad

I am so excited for you to try this easy to make recipe! It is one of my absolute favorite salads! I cannot take credit for the recipe, this one was passed onto me from my mom and I am now sharing it with you! Another awesome thing about this salad is because it is […]

6 Fun Reads – Fall Book Review

I have been so obsessed with my books lately that I haven’t taken a break to share them on Hey Soul Sisters but this week I was talking to a friend about books I have been reading and I realized I had to stop and write about them! I know you’ll find your next fun […]

Fall Recipe: Creamy Chicken Enchilada Soup

Fall has officially arrived. The weather is cooling off, sweaters are coming out and weekends are spent watching football. There is one other great thing that returns with fall: soup. I love making soup. Soup is filling and full of flavor. It warms you up and it is relatively low calorie. Today I am going […]

Bedtime Items for Better Sleep

Hello my name is Melanie and I am a pajamaholic. COVID-19 has only enhanced my ability to live in pajamas for the majority of the week. I have more pairs of pajamas than there are days in the week. So I am here to share the wealth and spread the joy. Below are my favorite […]

August Book Review – Women Empowerment Reads

You may not know, but August 26th is National Women’s Equality Day which celebrates the passing of the 19th Amendment (the one where Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and their crew of badass women won our right to vote as females). Perfect timing for this holiday as I just wrapped up my 3rd book […]

Feel-Good Shows to Watch on Netflix

I am all about shows that have 30-minute episodes and leave me feeling happy. I like to laugh at and with the characters while I am on the couch with my popcorn. If you’re looking for a new series to dive into on Netflix, I have shared some of my latest recommendations below. New Girl […]

Fun Baby Shower Games – Minute to Win it

Showering an expecting mother with all she needs to be prepared for her new baby’s arrival is a great joy. Planning the shower can be a lot of work and coming up with unique and fun games is always the most challenging task. I recently planned my sister’s baby shower, she is soon to have […]

Visiting Manhattan, Kansas

Maybe you are making a trip to Manhattan, Kansas to see your Alma Mater take on K-State. Perhaps, you are hosting a booth at their career fair. Maybe you have heard of the amazing Fake Patty’s Day party and are traveling for a fun weekend of dirties. Whatever your reason may be, I would love […]

30 Gifts for Dad on Amazon

Grill Tool Set ($39) Outdoor Yahtzee Dice ($29)  Thermos Koozies ($35) Bicycle Phone Mount ($17) Drone with Camera ($60) Adidas Mens Golf Shoes ($60) Golf Shoe Bag ($23) Magnetic Wristband for Holding Screws/Nails/Drill Bits ($17) MyCharge Portable Power Bank ($65) Whiskey Ice Cube Sphere Trays ($14) Neck Massager ($60) George Foreman Indoor Grill & Panini […]

8 Qualities of a Good Friend

The most important way to evaluate if a person is a good friend is to consider whether or not they make you a better person. If your answer is no, then you probably shouldn’t invest in a ton of 1-on-1 time with that friend invite them to a fun group outing but don’t dedicate yourself […]

Favorite Affordable New Apartment Purchases

I move a lot. About every 6-12 months I find myself moving into another 700 square foot apartment. What this means for me is that I can’t have super nice things (I also can’t afford nice things so this works out well). Additionally, I was recently reminded that material items do not make us happy […]

The Science of Well-Being at Yale

Over the past few weeks I have been enrolled in a Yale Course for free through a platform called Coursera. It is a course taught by Laurie Santos who also taught Psychology and the Good Life, which became the most popular course at Yale. As a person who studied mostly math, economics and business topics […]

Tips for Finding an Awesome Apartment

I have become a professional at moving. In the past 5 years I have moved 6 times! It is exhausting but one part that I love is apartment hunting. It is so exciting to be deciding on a new home and picturing yourself somewhere new! First, you need to decide two things: Location – this […]

Midwest Summer Road Trips

I am sharing great summer getaways for all my midwesterners today. A few of these bigger city getaways might be better to save for your 2021 bucket list when social distancing has settled down but many of them focus on outdoor activities that will still be possible with CoronaVirus restrictions.  The Lake of the Ozarks, […]

A Time of Opportunity

Right now, the leaders of the world are facing one of the toughest moral decisions ever, should they end quarantine to keep the economy from falling even further at the risk of a more wide-spread deadly infection?  Lives or Livelihood is the debate and I am so grateful not to be the one in the […]

Quarantine Gift Ideas for Her

Is there anything more heartwarming than getting a package in the mail from someone you love? Gift giving solves 2 of the world’s biggest problems right now: Helps people feel connected and loved during isolation Keeps the economy stimulated Additionally, my mom’s birthday happened over quarantine and Mother’s Day is just around the corner. It […]

Things to do while Quarantined for Coronavirus

Well, the world is quarantined to their homes and the scariest part is not knowing how long it will last. I will be the first to admit I have already watched multiple Netflix movies and spent hours scrolling my phone but today I decided that I want to use this quarantine as an opportunity to […]

The 10 Responsibilities of being a Maid of Honor

Help the Bride Find the Perfect Gown This is my favorite part of being a maid of honor so I think it is the best place to start this list of responsibilities! You should tag along for as many of the dress shopping appointments as you can. Take photos of the front and the back […]

Tips for Visiting Catalina Island

Catalina Island is a neat escape off the coast of Southern California. The majority of the island’s population lives in the city of Avalon. Avalon feels as if you were dropped in a coastal city in Italy. The island is green and mountainous, there are tiny colorful homes built on the hillsides and sailboats dock […]

3 Apps That Make Personal Finance Easy

The fundamentals of being financially responsible are pretty simple and straight-forward: Budget within your means Save anything extra Invest for the future There are 3 apps that have helped me successfully do these things without applying a ton of time or energy: Mint – Budget Within Your Means Mint is my favorite finance app. First, […]

Favorite Healthy Snack: Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bites

These protein bites are an awesome treat to keep in the fridge for many reasons: They are a great substitute for breakfast when you’re running out the door. They tide you over between meals so that you don’t over-snack. They also have a long shelf life in the fridge. You can freeze them which means […]

Things to do in Chicago

Chicago may just be the most magical place in the Midwest. Growing up, I lived 4 hours from Chicago and my family often took weekend trips to the city as our family vacations. Chicago is a great place to go with friends or with family but I highly recommend visiting during the summer. In the […]

Mel’s Introduction Letter

Hello There,  My name is Melanie. I am 23 years old and I am a Financial Analyst at a software startup in Irvine, California. Originally from Iowa, I have lived in many cities compared to most of my friends. In a quick recap: I graduated from Kansas State University with a Finance degree and a […]

6 Steps to Feeling at Home in a New City

In the past 5 years I have moved to 6 new cities. This has allowed me to explore so much of the country but I constantly feel like I am starting over and having to make a new place feel like home. After 6 tries, I finally think I am getting this process down to […]

The Ultimate Girl’s Weekend in Orange County/Los Angeles

In November, I moved to beautiful Irvine, California. I was previously living in Texas but my company had relocated me for a new role. I moved with my boyfriend who I had met in college at Kansas State University. Naturally, when you live somewhere warm like California you quickly have friends from the midwest willing […]

What to do in Austin, TX

Austin’s city slogan is “Keep Austin Weird” and it’s is truly a city that beats to its own drum. I lived in Austin from May to November in 2019. Living in Austin for 6 months gave me enough time to do every tourist activity but also find the best local restaurants. I hope this travel […]

3 Things Every Woman Wants on Valentine’s Day

Flowers – don’t spend a stupid amount of money on the flashy flower bouquet because really, we only care that you remembered to get flowers to show you love us, save your money for the rest of the day. Also, every man should send their mother flowers on Valentine’s Day, she was the first woman […]

The Worst Possible Purchase in your Twenty-Somethings

Picture this: You’ve just graduated and you’re completely used to seeing $27 as the balance in your bank account but finally, after working endless hours at your new job you have enough saved up to feel comfortable. So what do you need? A new car. I see my friends posting on social media all the […]

Why HelloFresh is Game Changing

I have always enjoyed cooking, but HelloFresh has made dinner so exciting! When I was little my mom owned her own business, I would get off the school bus in 3rd grade with my 6-year-old brother around 3:30 PM but mom wouldn’t get home till about 6 PM. This is how I first learned to […]

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